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NATO Acronym Dictionary

ACO Allied Command Operations
ACT Allied Command Transformation
AirC2 Air Command and Control
C4ISR Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
CIS Communication and Information Systems
COMSEC Communications Security
CRC "Control and Reporting Centre" or "Check Redundancy Error (data)"
CSI CRC/SAM Interface
CSU Command Support Unit
CTS Cosmic Top Secret (clearance)
DV Developed Vetting (clearance)
ETL Extract, Transform & Load
ICT Information and Communications Technology
IKM Information Knowledge Management
IWC Interim Workforce Capability or "contractor"
JCHAT NATO-wide chatting software
LMB "Logistics Management Branch" or "Logical Memory Block"
LOGFAS Logistics Functional Area Services
NAEW & CF NATO Airborne Early Warning & Control Force
NAGSF NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance Force
NAMIS NATO Automated Met Information System
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NCIA NATO Communications and Information Agency
NCIO NATO Communications and Information Organisation
NCSA NATO CIS Services Agency
NCSC NATO Cyber Security Centre
NDA Non-Disclosure Agreement
NS Nato Secret (clearance)
NSA National Security Agency (per country)
PO Purchase Order
POC Point of contact
PPE Pre-Production Environment
RDBMS Relational Database Management System
RFQ Request for Quote (spec)
RFV Request for Visit (proof of valid clearance issued by a country NSA)
RSM Resolute Support Mission
SAM "Surface-to-Air Missile" or "Security Access Management"
SC Security Check
SIEM Security Incident and Event Management
SMACQ Service to Monitor and Assess Connectivity and Quality
SMD Systems Management Division
SME "Subject Matter Expert" or "Small or Medium-sized Enterprise"
TAS Time Accounting System
TDY Temporary Duty
TOPFAS Tools for Operational Planning Functional Area Service
WSM Workstation Manager