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Period Drama

In our daily life very often everything is quite chaotic and sometimes we forget or just miss the smallest, but quite important, thing - punctuation. Please find 5 minutes and check our latest little article regarding this topic. ..Read more

On Top of the World

I would like to share my knowledge of the ability to achieve two goals at the same time. Both very big and significant. 1st is self-control and endurance training. 2nd is helping people who really needs it. ..Read more

CLEARANCES - the GardPass Way

For those who are interested in security Clearance this article will be very useful ! ..Read more

Resilience today

Are you related with cyber and/or IT technology and also wear a face mask ? How these seemingly different things are connected you'll think...Then have a look at our article. It's definitely for you! ..Read more

A potted history of cyber inspired by the Sandworm of Dune

Immerse yourself and learn about the history of cyber hacking on a worm example, inspired by the Sandworm of Dune. ..Read more

GPC's CV Creation Guidelines

Learn how to create an outstanding CV ..Read more

2.6 Challenge

Very important step to support those in need of our help! ..Read more

Useful TLAs

Would like to know more about TLA? Check it out ..Read more