2.6 Challenge

Published by Neil
On 13-May-20
2.6 Challenge

Very important step to support those in need of our help!


The world-famous London Marathon was due to be run last Sunday (26 th April) however in these times that was impossible. It has been, since its founding in 1981, a huge source of fundraising for charities, including the Nasio Trust which GardPass Cyber supports.
This inspirational charity aims to empower communities in western Kenya tobreak the cycle of poverty by providing education, improving health and developing commerce through our sustainable income generating projects.
We believe children should not grow up in institutions in isolation from society because of poverty, sickness, disease or death of parents. Children should live with dignity in a loving family, and without being disadvantaged or stigmatised by the cause of their vulnerability.
My family of 4 plus 2 lodgers, ran the 26 miles of the marathon around our garden – as a relay - starting at the traditional time on Sunday 26th. That's 210 laps to help the wonderful children in Mumias and Musanda resist the twin plagues (Covid-19 and locusts) that are ravaging East Africa!
We have been moved by the support we have had but we are still collecting at https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/Family26. Nasio have just given me an update which I quote:
“This money will make a lifesaving difference in Kenya. It will help us complete our programme of Covid and poverty relief including education around hygiene and sanitation to help people prepare for the virus. Already the education Nasio has given on handwashing has reduced complaints such as diarrhoea, scabies, worms and typhoid presented in our clinic by up to 90% compared with the previous six months, but more importantly is creating awareness of new, safer habits for the community when the virus comes.
The success of this appeal means we can take this programme to the next level and source basic PPE, higher quality face masks, handheld thermometers so we can take people’s temperatures from a distance, and other vital supplies, including food for the most vulnerable, to keep our staff and the community safe.

We can also complete the door-to-door campaign educating the local community about COVID-19 which the County Level Ministry for Health has asked us to lead. The Nasio team have trained 340 local Government’s Community Health volunteers and 16 Community Health Extension Workers, who along with our newly extended team of Peer Educators (now 700 strong!), are covering all of the Mumias West sub county – an area that spans around 165 square km and is home to over 111,850 residents. This group, especially the young Peer Educators, are amazing and are working tirelessly with such passion and resolve.
Already we have realised that many in the region have not even heard about COVID-19. They don’t have TVs or radios but now they are being educated about coronavirus and how to protect themselves. We are also collecting critical data about the region, including how many pregnant women there are and how many children under 5 so that we can ensure these vulnerable groups continue to receive the help and the immunisations they need. This data about the Mumias West region will be critical as the virus takes hold to help monitor and raise awareness as the virus spreads and will give these communities a greater chance to withstand the pandemic.”

I should have gone to visit the projects in Kenya in late March as a charity trustee but that too was impossible, so as soon as it’s safe, I will go there and report back first-hand how the money raised is helping to impact the community for good.
Thanks for reading this!
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