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Published by Tom Gardiner - Recruiter
On 13-May-20
Tom's Football

A quick article about our football star Tom - check it out!

In football - especially as a captain – it is critical that you make decisions and stand by them - even if they turn out to be incorrect. Decisiveness is important as indecision normally ends up with the opposition gaining the advantage. After a game, you should look at your decisions with the team or manager; and learn from them whether good or bad. I am learning to do this in the business world too – after successes and trials.
Likewise, you need to be disciplined and prepared. It is essential to get ready for matches mentally and physically beforehand. Good preparation makes it much easier to juggle two very different occupations. I am learning things in business that I can take into my football (and vice versa) e.g. “thinking on my feet”.
In football, you have to take some knocks and accept losses (especially after a long journey in the rain). I have found that this is important to take this into my recruitment role too. You need to brush yourself down from a loss and move on without dwelling on it too long - else your confidence may be damaged.
Football careers are uncertain and last for a finite period only. However, age does not have to be a barrier to progression in the football or business worlds. There is a football saying: “if you are good enough, you are old enough”.
Therefore, I suggest that you should make the most of any opportunity. For example, I try to build trust and good working relationships with team-mates in football. This is equally important with colleagues, bosses and contractors in recruitment (and in fact business generally). 
And finally, as in life generally, setting myself goals has worked well in football and business.
I have found that my two jobs can coexist side by side and complement each other. By always looking to learn and by taking learning from one to the other (in either direction), I believe I have able to progress in both worlds. I have learned that, whatever your age and whatever your role, you need to be proactive and resilient to be successful. 

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