Why do I want to become a magistrate?

Published by Jim Gardiner
On 21-May-20

Why do I want to become a magistrate?

I think as a young person in the late 70s, I was drawn to the Metropolitan Police as several of my friends looked very impressive on their visits back to school as cadets or police constables in their uniforms.

After acceptance into the Met, I had to wait another year or so as they preferred some age maturity and life experience. At the grand old age of 21 years old, I joined and was stationed in Golders Green, North London. I became quickly fascinated by criminal law and sentencing. Although I decided to leave after three years to pursue a career in sales, I kept an interest in criminal law.

It was to be many years later in 2007 that I applied to be a Magistrate in St Albans. I was accepted and did the training and managed to sit for one session. I remember being extremely nervous and it took quite a lot of emotional energy to get through the day. However I thoroughly enjoyed it and hoped I would improve and develop the more sittings I did.
Unfortunately due to extra family commitments with my young family of three children; and my son Tom had managed to get into the Tottenham Hotspur’s academy: I decided I would need to resign the bench and support my son’s wonderful opportunity. I had no regrets.
After thirteen years during which I co-founded an IT recruitment business and moved to the Bournemouth area, I thought it was a good time to give this another shot. Never give up on your dreams....
Why now and why a magistrate again?
Neil, my business partner, and I both support one another in our interests outside of GardPass Cyber. With his generous support and my desire to seek a local community project outside of work (to give back in some way), I felt this was an ideal opportunity again to fulfil my desire to be magistrate and work in the local area.
I had just started my training in February 2020 when the Covid-19 crisis was starting so this has been put on hold until things become manageable again. I am hoping I will be back soon training some time this year.

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