Resilience today

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On 12-Jul-20
Resilience today

Are you related with cyber and/or IT technology and also wear a face mask ? How these seemingly different things are connected you'll think...Then have a look at our article. It's definitely for you!

The UK government have announced that it will be compulsory to wear a face covering in shops in England from Friday 24 July

This rule has already been applied to public transport and hospitals. Pubs, restaurants, airports, hairdressers and many others are also now trying to protect the costumers and themselves from spreading the virus. It would logically seem to be a wise move but is this real protection?

GardPass Cyber, champions of cyber resilience, see a strong parallel with the idea of face mask protection.

Cyber resilience actually means accepting that full protection (against cyber threats) cannot be achieved or mainatined in today's world - rather it means that the emphasis should be on maintaining core functions and integrity of an organisation when exposed to attacks that threaten its security.

Likewise, a face mask, especially a homemade one, is unlikely to fully prevent a wily virus like Covid-19 from infecting a person. The emphasis here is surely about reducing the chances of being infected and, inadvertently, spreading the infection. No reputable scientist would assert that wearing a mask guarantees protection.

Not long ago, GardPass Cyber posted "A potted history of cyber inspired by the Sandworm of Dune". This included a few of the many examples over the last four decades of protection failing but, in most cases, the victims had a degree of resilience, i.e. they lived another day.

Source: BBC

You can see from the graphic the impact of both parties wearing a mask. Similarly, for global resilience against cyber threats, all parties share the responsibility of reducing risks as much as possible.

Initiatives to encourage and help organisations of all size and colour to maintain basic good security practices (e.g. the UK Cyber Essentials programme) plus strong leadership by governments and technology leaders are what is required to give the world a chance at staying resilient to the ever-growing cyber threats.

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