CLEARANCES - the GardPass Way

Published by Emilio
On 30-Jul-20
CLEARANCES - the GardPass Way

For those who are interested in security Clearance this article will be very useful !

Security clearances are important and valuable, but it takes time to fully understand the whole process. We at GardPass Cyber are proud that we have built up substantial expertise in this area for candidates and postings across Europe.

We take care of clearance for the whole time people work through us; liaising with government agencies (in a range of countries), producing necessary paperwork and tracking statuses.

Clearances in the UK must be sponsored by an accredited organization (such as GardPass Cyber) and there MUST have a valid reason for the application.

UK clearances remain valid providing the following criteria are met:  

●      SC clearances are no more than 10 years old or 7 years for DV;

●      The candidate has taken up a post requiring the clearance within six months of the clearance being granted;

●      The individual has worked on a UK government contract (or for a government department/police force) in a role requiring NSV clearance within the last 12 months;

●      The individual must not have resided overseas for more than six months during the break in service between government contracts.


We will take responsibility for ensuring the criteria above are adhered to.


If you would like to know more about your current clearance - or are looking for your next cleared role (and your clearance has been used in the last 12 months), please get in touch with Emilio at or +447599721789.


P.S. By the way GardPass Cyber is trying in every way to improve and make easier some of very important steps for each of us. So definitely check our article about how to create an outstanding CV . Also here you can get acquainted with NATO Acronym Dictionary. We actually have quite a few interesting articles and blogs that a lot of people might be interested in, so just follow the link: .

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